The latest innovation from Claris Solutions. Use our energy saving tool CLARIS ENERGY to calculate the energy and fuel consumption of your vehicles before departure and optimize consumption and travel time on the route through environment-based driving recommendations. Easy, quick and precise.

Energieberechnungstool CLARIS ENERGY / Energy Saving Tool CLARIS ENERGY

Your benefits

CLARIS ENERGY allows you to predictively calculate the best possible energy costs (when following the recommendations) and optimal travel time for your vehicles. Combine CLARIS ENERGY with our driver assistance software CLARIS DRIVE to further increase the profitability of your travels.

Steigern Sie die Profitabilität Ihres EVU mit unseren Produkten
Senken Sie den Energieverbrauch Ihrer Fahrzeuge mit unseren Produkten
Optimieren Sie die Pünktlichkeit, die Fahrt- und Standzeit Ihrer Fahrzeuge mit unseren Produkten
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DRIVE Verschleiss blau

What you need

CLARIS ENERGY is a versatile tool that doesn’t require more than what you already need for the daily operation of your vehicles.

You only want to calculate specific timetables? Contact us!


Your normal office equipment is sufficient. CLARIS ENERGY runs on all your (Windows) devices!


You need a quick ad hoc calculation? Use CLARIS ENERGY on your mobile devices!


Use CLARIS ENERGY to complement our CLARIS DRIVE driving assistance solution and get additional driving recommendations!


Simply import the XML timetables for your transport and get an environmentally based energy profile of the route!

In three steps

Interested in CLARIS ENERGY? Contact us and become a CLARIS Development Partner. Test our tool with your schedules and benefit from our calculations right away.


Email versenden

Use our contact form or send us an email. We will get back to you shortly.


XMLPlaene Email versenden

Send us your XML timetables and vehicle data. We will have these calculated by our Energy Saving Tool CLARIS ENERGY.


Ergebnisse Email versenden

You will receive our results shortly. Use the calculated driving profile and compare the real results with the calculations. Send us your evaluation for analysis.



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