The complete fleet management software for your fleet. A paperless and intelligent implementation of all maintenance processes allows you to increase work efficiency, reduce costs and design your processes, all according to ECM standards. 

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Our Fleet Management Software,
Your benefits

Do you want to save costs and increase the availability of your fleet, improved visibility into maintenance deadlines and material expenses? Our Fleet Management Software CLARIS FLEET offers all of this and more. 

Significant Cost Reduction

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Optimize your maintenance processes and reduce your costs by significantly increasing work efficiency and shortening inspection and repair times

Increased availability

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CLARIS FLEET enables intelligent and automated maintenance planning and thus drastically increases the availability of your vehicles

High Level of Interoperability

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Integrate maintenance staff, operators, owners and suppliers into a uniform process management platform and maximize your processes


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Use CLARIS FLEET to comply with all guidelines for the flow and documentation of your maintenance processes within the European ECM standard

Smart Warehouse Management

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Analyze your stock levels with intelligent tools. Clean up non-movers, free up storage space and manage your components in the best possible way

Improved Driving Safety

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Analyze your stock levels with intelligent tools. Clean up non-movers, free up storage space and manage your components in the best possible way

Mobile Application

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Increase the work efficiency of your team and use the most important functions of the software clearly and regardless of location via mobile devices

System-Wide Analysis

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Use the comprehensive CLARIS FLEET analysis tools and get a system-wide overview of the status of your vehicles and materials


The modular structure of CLARIS FLEET enables great flexibility. This allows you to customize your CLARIS FLEET product and only select the modules you need. 






Having been in use for over ten years, CLARIS FLEET can look back on a continuous development process during which new processes were integrated and new ideas implemented. By working together with our customers, we have been able to continuously simplify their work processes and help them achieve their goals.

From market entry to quality leadership

When European Locomotive Leasing GmbH entered the leasing market in 2014 with the first 50 locomotives, CLARIS was right there too. With the help of full-service performance and our sophisticated CLARIS FLEET system, ELL was able to successfully penetrate the market and now has a fleet of over 200 Siemens Vectron locomotives.

The largest in Europe

We have been supporting ALSTOM in ECM consulting and with sophisticated solutions that network multiple partners in the ALSTOM maintenance network since the early 2000s. In this process, several interfaces in the system landscape are also handled with and via CLARIS FLEET.

A reliable partner in the north

The Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH is a multi-mobility provider based in northwestern Lower Saxony. It not only maintains its own vehicle fleet, which also includes motor vehicles and buses. Numerous external or customer vehicles are also handled via its own workshop. As a supplier, we have been supporting EVB with our fleet management system for several years.


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